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Building and construction have a great effect on the environment. In the United States, buildings alone account for 40-49% energy consumption, 25% of water consumption, 70% of total energy consumption and 38% of total carbon dioxide emissions.

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With the advancement in technology and software, it is possible now to evaluate the energy performance of a building at early stage of building designing process. Let’s design a blueprint for green tomorrow green where we and our generation would inhale fresh air!

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Green building, green architecture or sustainable architecture is a design and construction practice that is sensitive towards the environment. Green building is now a popular design alternative that is said to promoteand protect the environment.

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Contrary to this belief that transportation industry is largely responsible for climate change and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, buildings are the single largest contributors to global warming.
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We build our houses as boxes, primarily rectangular boxes of varying sizes and shapes. But boxes have lousy geometry when it comes to shedding wind forces. Why aren’t we building residential construction that is more aerodynamic?