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Decorating for the Seasons Summer

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Seasonal decorating can be quite a challenge. However, it also gives you a chance to bring out your dcoritems and adorn your living spaces with them.Following are just some summer decorating ideas.

For those of us who like to decorate according to the seasons, our inspiration lies in the outside world. Seasonal decorating can be quite a challenge. However, it also gives you a chance to bring out your dcoritems and adorn your living spaces with them.Moreover, if you find decorating your entire house a pain, try to focus on a few rooms or one room at a time like kitchens, bedrooms or bathrooms.

Summer Decorating

Following are just some summer decorating ideas. The key here is to work within your budget and family’s needs and blend these ideas with your own imagination.

  1. Changing dcor according to season also means storing things appropriately. Wrap and store small or breakable items so that they don’t break and put such stuff in large plastic containers. So that in case you store them in a garage, basement or attic the insects and dirt will be kept away. Label your boxes and containers according to season.

  2. Create an inventory list to avoid spending on stuff you already have

  3. Fans: Find a floor fan. Something that looks like an antique, then find a good place for it in your living room. You can find an assortment of designer shapes and colors in ceiling fans now. If you are willing to invest in a good brand, you might end up with a fantastic buy.

Summer Themes

The most popular themes in interior design for summer are soft colors, casual fabrics, wicker, and lots of plants. Bring the long, sunny days of summer into your home irrespective of whether it is traditional or modern. Add color, texture and portable accessories for that fresh, summer dcor.

Summer Colors and Textures

Changing you colors is the most important part of seasonal decorating. Summer colors represent the soft blue sky, sparkling green lawns and the iridescent sunrays:

  1. Ecru to designer white, are the most popular summer colors. Add an instant refreshing feel to any room by painting it white
  2. Lighter blue’s, from robin’s egg to navy are also common in the summer palette, as well as, greens and pastels
  3. Create summer window treatments in bright, summer colors like provencal yellow, lavender or sienna

A perennial favorite, as well as, a popular summer texture is wicker. In rustic log-like furnishing and color painted furniture, bring home the summer breeze and sun. Stenciling is another easy way to add color and a touch of whimsy to your dcor.

Garden Rooms

Bring summer inside your homes and living spaces for year-round enjoyment with the most popular entrant into the design themes – the garden room. Common garden room elements include lots of real or artificial, plants, wicker furniture, antique or antique like accessories like watering cans, terra cotta pots, sign lamps, mirrors and others.

Furniture for Summer Themes

In the 1930s wicker emerged as a popular and more economical alternative to heavy wooden furniture. In the 1950s wicker became a patio and porch furniture staple. Though it no longer remains inexpensive, wicker can be used throughout the house to add that summer touch to your rooms. Opt for new pieces and use vintage fabrics to create a 1930s ambience. You can paint wicker easily to match your color scheme.

Stenciling and painting old furniture is also a popular summer decorating technique. Find old furniture at yard sales and second hand shops and paint them to give them new life and color. If you have the talent for it, adorn these pieces with flowers, leaves and other summer designs. If you are not that talented, you can buy stenciling kits at home improvement or fabric stores.

Summer Theme Accessories

  1. Accessories give any room individuality and breathe new life into it. Consider nautical items for that summer dcor such as beach signs, fishing gear and lighthouse theme items.
  2. Hawaiian themed items also add the summer touch such as tikis, flowered print pillows and rattan window treatments.
  3. Cut flowers and plants are also a good and fragrant way to add summer to your living spaces.
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