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Measuring the Value of BIM Investments in Small Firms

In the Volume XI of Architectural Evangelist, our experts discuss about - Why the task of adopting BIM has been very daunting for a small firm? Why doe small firms tend to concentrate more on CAD? Despite all the bold assertions about BIM process and its beneficial aspects, the scenario remains intact – Small and mid-sized design firms still slip into old "CAD habits". you will find practical views on the implementation of BIM from industry professionals. They have shared their best practices. So that you learn from their mistakes and don't have to make your own. Happy BIMming!         Read More.

  • Overcoming the BIM Barriers

    Look for BIM software that has a holistic approach, where management, designers, and the production team can all be in an open continuum without communication bottlenecks. Read More +
  • Braving the New World of BIM

    BIM is actually practiced on a more fragmented and disparate scale when it comes to smaller architecture and construction firms. Kris Weeks explains the reasons... Read More +
  • Little BIM for Great Future

    The question of whether you should implement a BIM solution in your business is not the one to ask. The question is which one to choose. Djordje Grujic gives the best answers... Read More +
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