Architectural Evangelist Newsletter - Vol.IX
  July 2010
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We welcome you to our Architectural Evangelist Newsletter. In this issue, we have highlighted the recent trends, news and other exciting information from the world of AEC Industry. Our team exchanges views with veteran architects and experienced users about the future of Revit and AutoCAD. There are articles on 4D Building Information Modeling "4D BIM Modeling: Improve Cost, Scheduling and Coordination of Building Project" and sustainable architecture, "Architecture Industry - The Hidden Culprit to Global Warming".

As usual, there are also announcements of special offerings from our sponsors that might be of interest to the architects, building developers or consultants. We love having members from the AEC Industry and Real Estate Fraternity join us!

Architectural Evangelist Team
Revitology: The Evolution of Revit over AutoCAD
"Revit", which stands for 'revise instantly', is infiltrating into the AEC industry and is encroaching on AutoCAD. "AutoCAD is a great tool for some things, but too many things can be "faked" with it", concerns Jim Olson. Ricardo Khan corroborates, "AutoCAD is not really relied on for the most part in the architectural world". Members of Global Fraternity of Architects (GFA) and industry experts affirm that Revit is the “future”. Despite all the talk about the Revit Architecture, the scenario remains intact – architectural designers still slip into old "AutoCAD habits" when using AutoCAD Architecture & AutoCAD MEP. Will Revit Architecture be able to replace AutoCAD? How does the Global Fraternity of Architects view the future of AutoCAD and Revit? Architectural Evangelist finds the answer... More
Building Information Modeling: A Cost-saving Tool for Home Builders
The AEC Industry is impacted by two powerful global developments: first the evolution of BIM, revolutionizing the entire process of design, drafting and visualization, and second, environmental awareness, calling for commitment to sustainable building... More
4D BIM Modeling: Improve Cost, Scheduling and Coordination of Building Project
4D BIM modeling helps not only to design a home building, but provides an end-to-end construction process, addressing the constructability, coordinating the process, and identifying clashes before the actual construction begins... More
Do Architectural Outsourcing Services Add Value to Your Business?
Outsourced drafting and drawings services offer architectural firms, home builders and real estate developers a great deal of value addition... More
Revit(alize) Your AutoCAD Platform: Increase Quality and Work Efficiency
Revit, which stands for 'revise instantly', has infiltrated the AEC industry and is making its mark with many architectural firms... More
Architectural Evangelist endeavors to provide quality insights into the 'architecture field' to our discernible readers. Join our forum and share your views!
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